Nazca Lines Tour From Cusco (3 Days)


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3 Days
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Nazca Tours from Cusco
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Daily departures from Cusco
From (1) 06:30 hrs.o (2) 12:30 Hrs

DAY 1: Travel by Tourist Bus From Cusco to Nazca

05:20 pm Start our tour towards the mysterious Nazca lines. Our clients will be picked up from their hotels in Cusco and then transferred to the bus station to take a trip of approximately 14.00 Hrs. 30 Min. By the south Pan-American highway.

Inclusions on this day

Pick up from your hotel in Cusco and transfer to the bus station.
Tourist bus tickets to Nazca with the Cruz del Sur Cruise Service.

DAY 2: Overflight Nazca Lines and Huacachina Oasis

08:30 Hrs. Upon arrival in the city of Nazca you will be met by our official tourist guide who will assist you and transfer you to the Maria Reiche airfield. Once reconfirmed the data with the passport we will provide the best advice to enjoy a great overflight to the ancestral lines of Nazca, Before entering the departure lounge, Our Guide will provide a historical contextualization of the fascinating lines of Nazca.

The area where the nazca lines are located is 500 km2, where you will see the following figures and lines: The Whale, Trapeze, The Astronaut, The Monkey, The Dog, The Hummingbird, The Condor, The Spider, The Frigate Bird, The Parrot, The Tree and Hands (You will also see the restored figure of the lizard). Some of the figures can measure more than 300 meters and most of them can only be appreciated from the air. Who did they do it for, if only they could be seen from heaven? .

This overflight promises to take you on a journey into the past, bringing you closer to enjoying and deeply admiring one of the greatest wonders of the entire planet.

After having enjoyed one of the best experiences of your life. Our guide will be attentive waiting for the landing. To then drive to the city of Nazca to have an appropriate breakfast and then board a bus to go to the city of Ica. the tour will be 2hrs and 30 minutes.

14:00 Hrs. Upon arrival in the city of Ica, you will be assisted by our official tour guide and transferred to the oasis of America – Huacachina. Later they will make an exciting ride in buggy (sand carts) at the same time they will cross the slopes of the dunes and they will be able to venture down the dune on boards or skis. This can be done standing, stomach and sitting.

This adventure tour in the sand dunes promises to fill you with adrenaline and make your heart speed up to 1000 x hours!

At the end of the Huacachina oasis tour we will embark a bus to go to the city of Paracas where we will spend the night.

Inclusions on this day

Reception and assistance upon arrival in the city of Nazca by our official tour guide.
Transfer to the Maria Reiche Aerodrome.
Assistance and historical contextualization of the Nazca Lines.
30 minutes of overflight to the Nazca Lines.
Airport Tax.
Transfer to the bus terminal.
Tourist bus ticket from Nazca to Ica.
Reception and Assistance upon arrival in the city of Ica.
Transfer to the oasis of Huacachina.
Tour in Buggies (sand carts) and Sandboarding (sport on board) in the dunes of Huacachina.
Reception at the end of the Buggie Tour and transfer to the bus terminal.
Tourist bus ticket from Ica to Paracas.
Reception and Assistance by our official tour guide upon your arrival in the city of Paracas.
Transfer to your selected hotel.

DAY 3: Ballestas Islands, Paracas National Reserve and return to Lima

7:15 hrs. Our clients will be assisted and transferred to the Paracas wharf. Then we will submerge in the excursion in vote to the already famous Galapagos of Peru!

08:00 hrs. Start the tour that will last 2.00 hrs. The Ballestas Islands are the main wildlife attraction of Paracas. You will find many exotic species of birds and marine life, some unique in Peru.

This two-hour tour of the most famous islands of Peru allows you to enjoy magnificent rock formations sculpted by nature and is home to the Humboldt penguins, the sea lions of South America and a multitude of seabirds. At the same time we can see the famous Geoglifo the Candelabrum. Which will make us admire and respect the great historical legacy of the men of ancient Peru.

11:00 hrs. We will start our tour to the Paracas natural reserve, the Paracas National Reserve has one of the largest marine reserves in Peru, hosting more than 200 types of birds and a large number of marine species.

The tour to the National Reserve of Paracas will make us enjoy not only fabulous maritime and desert landscapes, but we can also learn about the ancient Paracas man, who inhabited these areas more than 2000 years ago, leaving as evidence in his necropolis a great diversity of beautiful fabrics, which amaze the World.

Inclusions on this day

Pick up from your hotel in Paracas and transfer to the Paracas wharf.
Tour In vote to Isla Ballestas.
Reception at the end of your Tour and transfer for the start of the National Reserve Tour.
Private tour to the Paracas National Reserve.
All taxes and tourist tickets.
Reception and transfer to the bus station.
Tourist bus ticket to the city of Lima.


• Tourist guide on the Paracas – Lima route.
• Lunch, breakfast and dinner.


2 days & 1 night.

Daily departures from Lima

From (1) 06:30 hrs.o (2) 12:30 Hrs.

Important: a minimum of 2 participants is required for this excursion. This tour offers you greater comfort and flexibility of time.

Additional Information

There are 12 VIP seats on buses; to be able to have them it is necessary to reserve them in advance.
This tour must be booked at least 1 day before the tour date.

Thankful for having chosen us for their visit to the millenary and surprising line of Nazca, the great oasis of Huacachina, the surprising Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve. It will be the End of our Services.

Nazca Lines Tour From Cusco (3 Days)


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You will fly over one of the most mysterious forms and lines on earth: The Nazca Lines. The Nazca lines have been designated by the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We are a professional team of .ass with 10 years of experience. Efficiency in each service provided.

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