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From:7:00 Hrs To 18:00 Hrs

This tour is intended for lovers of ancient history, for those looking to visit the ruins of the world’s most amazing civilizations and rediscover our true history.

Coming to Peru is synonymous with archeology and mystery.

We are heirs of one of the greatest civilizations in the entire world. Our grandparents managed to achieve a vast knowledge of Mathematics, astronomy, architecture and much more.

As Our Lady (María Reiche) of the Nasca Lines reminds us: We have here the testimony on a large scale and unique in the world of the first awakening of the exact Sciences in the evolution of humanity.

This experience will allow you to fully and deeply know the Nazca civilization.

8:30 am: We will pick you up from your hotel or bus station and fly 35 minutes over the Nazca Lines. (Flying as soon as possible is one of the keys to enjoying this great legacy to the fullest)

10: am: We will visit the Cahuachi ceremonial center: Cahuachi is compare like the Vatican in Rome, or like Mecca in Saudi Arabia. At the time of Nazca People 200 a.c. and in special times, people from all over ancient Peru come together seeking to reach Cahuachi ir order to participate in the Ceremonies. This place is 24.2 km long and only less than 20% discover it. After crossing the oldest and driest desert on the planet, we will take a break for lunch (not included in the price). Depending on your energy, we can continue with the next tour.

Around 2:00 p.m, we will return to the south of the famous Pan-American highway and visit the Chauchilla Necropolis: This place was mostly destroyed by tombraiders, who were looking for gold and treasures. The knew that the old custom of the nasca people was to bury them with their own belongings and also with different gifts. It is very impressive to see most of the evidence so well preserved, this due to the drought in the area. We will travel back in time remembering what the rituals were like to bury them and their worldview on life and death.

Last but never least, we will visit the impressive Cantalloc Aqueducts: We admire how the Incas were able to dominate the Andes in a very inhospitable area. However we do need to look back and admire those pre-Inca peoples such as the Nascas, Moche people and wari. They built the greatest example of hydraulic engineering, transforming the desert into a vast, fertile and prosperous valley.

As a lover of ancient history, I highly recommend it.

Almost at the end of the day will be the end of our services.


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1. Hotel pick- up and drop-off roundtrip transportation from your nazca hotel.

2. Bilingual guide ( English/ Spanish )

3. Entrances ( Must be paid by customer)


– Food and drink.

– 80 Peruvian soles Airport tax

– Entrances on the acueducts 10 peruvian soles

– Entrances in the metallic tower viewpoint nazca = 6 peruvian soles , palpa = 3 peruvian soles and Maria reiche museum = 5 peruvian soles


– From:7:00 Hrs To 18:00 Hrs

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This tour must be booked at least 01 week in advance of your date tour.

The Grand Experience


About Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a group of enormous geoglyphs, which are patterns or motifs carved into the earth, that are situated in the coastal plain of Peru, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) south of Lima. The 2,000-year-old Nazca Lines, which were drawn by the ancient Nazca civilisation in South America and show a variety of plants, animals, and forms, can only be completely appreciated from the air due to their enormous scale.

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Hotel pick- up and drop-off roundtrip transportation from your nazca hotel Bilingual guide (English/ Spanish) Entrances (entrances must be paid by customers)

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